Monday, 30 March 2009

GEOEYE1 Over Malaysia

Geoeye1, the world highest resolution colour satellite image has captured the first images over Malaysia recently.

The first quicklook attached here is an area over Port Klang, Selangor

This following quicklook was taken over the Kuching , Sarawak.

Please bear in mind that these two images are not at the full-resolution. Once the full-resolution sample is available, I will post it up.

GEOEYE1 satellite images are available in the following options:

1. 0.5m Black and white
2. Multispectral
3. 0.5m Natural Colour
4. 0.5m Colour in 4 bands
5. 0.5m Black and White + 2.0m Multispectral Bundle

You are free to choose any one of these five options and the price is the same at USD42.00 per sq km (New Collection) for images over Malaysia (other conditions apply).

From now until 31 December 2009, a special promotion is on. For GEOEYE1 images which are more than 90 days old, will be available at USD37.00 per sq km!

With all the excitement generated by GEOEYE1, let's not forget the IKONOS which has been serving us with high quality images for the last 8 years. IKONOS image has gone down in price also. With the same 5 options, the New Collection price has come down to USD36.00 per sq km and the Archive images older than 2006 will be available at USD31.00 per sq km.

For the latest price list, click HERE
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