Monday, 30 March 2009

IFSAR/NEXTMap Malaysia Data Set covering Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah

As mentioned in the earlier postings, JPSurveys is the appointed reseller to promote the IFSAR data captured by Intermap under the NEXTMap@ Malaysia project. It is our pleasure to introduce the different core products to the Malaysian market.

Year of acquisiton: 2008-2009
The country-wide data set consists of the following three core products:

Orthorectified R
adar Images (ORI)

ORIs look somewhat like monochromatic aerial photos. They are radar images acquired by the IFSAR sensor. Pixel size of 0.625m (Peninsular Malaysia) and 1.25m (Sabah)

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Elevation Model that displays the elevation of the first surface on the ground that the radar signal strikes. Elevation at 5m posting and accuracy of 1m r.m.s.e.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

DSMs are used to create DTMs by digitally removing the elevations of cultural features and tree areas. DTMs are useful for application where an accurate sense of the underlying terrain is required. Suitable for generation of 5m contour lines.

The data set is very
suitable for the following applications: -
  • Contour/terrain map, profile generation, volume calculation
  • Slope map, line of sights study, hydrology study
  • 3D visualization, fly through, flight simulation
  • Feature extraction, base mapping, topographical, land use analysis
  • Image orthorectification, satellite image map
  • Flood risk map, watershed analysis
  • Geological map, precision farming, forestry
  • Many more....
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  1. Looks promising, when exactly can we see the real data?

  2. The data is expected to be available at the end of April or early May 2009. We will announce its arrival in this blog. Come back and visit us!