Monday, 30 March 2009

Gogopal M38 Personal Navigation Device

Stress-free Driving with Gogopal ...
To recap, Jurukur Perunding Services Sdn Bhd is appointed as a reseller for the Gogopal M38 Personal Navigation Device (PND) since 2005.

People on the move (e.g., real estate agents, insurers and loss adjustors) in new unfamiliar places may find this PND quite useful. Some of our project managers managed even to locate hard-to-find outstation sites using this device whose plus points include:-
  • Accurate navigational road maps done by a Malaysian company (MapIT) - the people who knows the road best (provider of Google Maps map data)
  • 'Wah good' coverage - more than 75,000 km of Malaysian roads for almost all major (and minor) towns in West Malaysia, Singapore (and soon, Brunei Darussalem)
  • Reliable voice prompt
  • Turn-by-turn navigation capability
  • Quick recomputation (of alternative routes)
Its other capabilities also include video player, MP3 and photo viewer. Inquires should be directed to our sales personnel.

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