Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Comparison of SRTM data and IFSAR/NextMap Malaysia data

We did a comparison between the free 90m posting SRTM DEM data and the new 5m posting DSM data of IFSAR/NEXTmap Malaysia. The test data covers an area of 5km x 5km over a forested and rural area of Sabah. Both are surface data (i.e. DSM) .

The result is shown above in color shaded relief map as the subtraction (the diffrences in height/elevation in meters) between the two surfaces.

The relative accuracy of the two surfaces is about 24m at 95% confidence level. The relative vertical height diffrences between the two surfaces at some locations are as high as -56m and +54m. (i.e. extreme differences of over 100m).

We think the result provides useful guide to users who want to use 3 arc second SRTM DEM data for their terrain analysis and related works.

Acknowlegement: IFSAR data set contributed by Intermap Technology Inc

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Roadshow 2009

A successful event!

"Jurukur Perunding Launches 3 New Products" was successfully held on the 17 June 2009 at the Holiday Villa Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

The response was overwhelming, with more than 120 participants turned up to witness the speakers' delivery of their interesting topics. Additional chairs had to be added to accommodate some last-minute participants.

Mr Sunny Lee, the Executive Director of JPSurveys briefed the audience on the technological path that the company has been taking to acquire the know how in the field of satellite imagery and remote sensing in the past, and he also set us the direction of the future. He said "we know the product is good when we see it", and the three products showcased during this event will definitely be our commitment.

Mr Max Chua of GEOEYE left an in-depth impression of GEOEYE, its products and services, the high resolution GEOEYE1 images as well as a glimpse of the next generation satellite being manufactured in US.

Mr Jan Schoderer of Intermap Technology is one person hard to be missed out on the day. He not only detailed the technical specifications of the IFSAR NextMap Malaysia product suite, but also touched on many sucessful applications in other parts of the world using IFSAT DTM, DSM and ORI.

During the tea break, participants were seen busy talking with the JPSurvey staffs manning the exhibition area, trying to look at some of the "Real Sample" of the GEOEYE1 0.5m resolution image over Port Klang, Malaysia. Many also gathered around the stall promoting the GOGOPAL PND, providing unchallenged navigation maps over the East and West Malaysia and Singapore. That was also the best time catching up with friends and associates, establishing new business contacts or merely to relax over a cup of coffee and light refreshment.

Mr Philip Morris of Navcom Technology apologized in his video for not being able to be present. However his material was deliberated by Mr Wong Yew Soon, GM of Mapping Division of JPSurveys in great details.

Mr Terence Tan's presentation had interestingly pointed out some issues faced by the oil palm estate and how high resolution imageries and other GIS techniques helped in tackling that.

Many satellite image users in the region would definitely know Mr Foo Weng Kee of SPOTASIA Singapore. He presented 89 slides covering a wide spectrum, inclusive of the operations of the ground station, insight of the distribution network of data and services, challenges faced, and new development in the earth observations vehicles.

It was not easy to be the last speaker of the day, especially so when the lunch is around the corner. JPSurveys Senior Project Manager, Mr Kong Hin Yew lived up to the challenge by giving a list down of the value-added services offered by JPSurveys to bridge the gap between what the data providers can produce and what the end users actually want. Special emphasis was given on two areas, namely the Orthorectification of images and the Pansharpening of Orthorectified Radar Image using SPOT 10m image.

A meeting would not be complete without someone leaving with a smiling face. Our Director Tn Haji Nordin B Sabran delivered a short but sweet thank-you note and gave away some lucky draw prizes. 2 USB Bluetooth Adaptors, 5 licenses of Global Mapper software and 1 GOGOPAL M38 PND were given out to some lucky winners. These were just tokens of appreciation to all those participants, many of whom are our loyal customers.

The crowd adjourned for lunch at the Chinese Restaurant. Delicious Dim Sum were served, and more small talks were observed between old friends and newly met. The whole event draw to a close at about 2 pm.

For more photographs of the event, click HERE!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Jurukur Perunding Launches 3 New Products

JPSurveys is looking at various avenues to share the new product information with its clients. A launching event will be held next Wednesday, 17 June 2009 at the Holiday Villa Subang Classic 2 ballroom. During this event, we would like to introduce three new products to our valued customers: GEOEYE1 satellite image, Intermap NEXTMAP Malaysia Terrain Data and the new range of NAVCOM GPS receivers.

We bring together the following speakers, Mr Max Chua from GEOEYE Singapore, Mr Jan Schoderer of Intermap, Mr Foo Weng Kee of SPOTASIA Singapore, Mr. Morris Philip, Commercial Sale Manager cum Product Manager of Navcom Technology and Mr Terence Tan of KTS Holdings, each of them has an interesting topic to share. We also have our Executive Director, Mr Sunny Lee to present his introductory speech and our Senior Project Manager of Mapping Division, Mr Kong Hin Yew to explain some of the value-added services offered by JPSURVEYS.

Please take this opportunity to meet up with old friends and establish new connections.

For more information, please email us.