Friday, 31 July 2009

Official Release of Navcom's SF3050 GNSS Receiver

NavCom Technology, Inc., a leading pioneer in GPS technology and wholly-owned subsidiary of Deere & Company (NYSE:DE), officially announced on Friday 31/07/2009 the release of the SF-3050 multi-frequency GNSS receiver and its new Sapphire GNSS OEM board - two new products that offer integrated StarFire™/RTK GNSS capabilities.

As an authorized dealer of Navcom, we are pleased to announce the availability of SF3050 for immediate order. Terms and condition on shipping apply.

The SF3050 GNSS receiver is a unique, all in-a-box and fully upgradeable system. Users may initially purchase the receiver with only essential configuration to match their immediate requirement. The receiver can later be upgraded e.g. from a moderate accuracy single-frequency receiver to a a high accuracy multi-frequency receiver (or anything in between) with just software bundle upload, hence saving the need and expense of purchasing new receivers.

What's more, with the integration of StarFire global correction signal, the system can prove decimetre-level position accuracy, without a base station, anywhere in the world, any time. With the embedded RTK extend technology, the SF3050 will provide a robust cm-accuracy RTK solution at your work sites, boosting your field productivity and reducing frustration and stress due to radio signal outages.

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