Thursday, 8 October 2009

Navcom GPS/GNSS & StarFire Technical Training

Conducted from 29th September to 1st October, this long awaited exposure fulfilled part of the stringent requirement of Navcom Technology Inc. for their authorized dealers to be equipped with in-depth technical knowledge of the products and solutions that are being offered for the region market.

This particular round of briefing was subsequently scheduled to coincide with both the official release of the latest SF3050 multi frequency GNSS receiver and the arrival of the first two units at our Puchong office  in Malaysia.

The trainer, Mr Steve Ault, happened to be Navcom's Product Support Manager. Backed with decades of knowledge and experience in GNSS and RF technologies, Steve was more than qualified to provide intense yet personal hands-on training for about a dozen of our sales/technical support staff and field surveyors. With the newly acquired knowledge and dedication, we shall now work towards providing excellent customer support to purchasers of the Navcom range of GPS/GNSS products such as the SF3050 and Starfire SBAS service.

About the SF3050 and Starfire: Besides various standard positioning modes (such as cm-accurate RTK and high precision static survey), these receivers with built-in Starfire global high accuracy real-time differential GNSS service can also determine in real real-time at decimetre level accuracy  X/Y and Z positioning of points at any location and time around the world without having a need for a base station. Obviously, this capability will be a great help in many survey and mapping works. By removing base station and post-processing work, it  can only means greater productivity gains, smoother work flow, increased freedom, convenience and work satisfaction for your field and project teams. It has also opened up avenues of new applications, some of which had not been thought of previously especially in the local market context.
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