Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's real: real time decimeter-level positions (x,y & z) is now within your reach

Above: Getting decimetre real-time positions (x,y and z),
even in the depths of the Borneo jungle

..It has revolutionized the way we worked, provide significant productivity gain and conveniences that we have not experienced before...

In July last year we announced the availability of Navcom's latest GNSS/GPS receiver SF3050 with build in StarFire capability. Subsequently we have brought in a total of 4 units of SF3050 to Malaysia before the end of 2009.

Half a year down the road, we are excited to report to you that the model has passed Malaysia's SIRIM approval test. In fact we have already used them in quite a number of projects in both Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. It has revolutionized the way we worked, provide significant productivity gain and conveniences that we have not experienced before.

Imaging this:
1) Survey of hundreds of river cross sections over rivers and tributaries with combined length of of more than 1,000 km apart. (within a tight time frame of about 2 months)
2) To determine and verify potential flooding sites for a few environments/socially sensitive areas located deep inside the Borneo jungle. ( all within a few days, including jungle trekking and camping time)

Difficult tasks that can be a nightmare even to the most experienced project manager are now easily solved by the use of this wonderful technology, a modern GNSS receiver, connected to the state-of-the-art StarFire network, hence providing accurate x,y,and z readings anywhere and anytime in the world. There is no need to locate or connect to known points . There is no need for any post-processing computation! There is no risk of having to return to the test site because the first round of results were bad. What you see on site is what you get, the final result, all the time!

It is not difficult to think of its potential applications :
a) GIS /asset survey
b) DIY stock pile or volume survey (no professional surveyor is required)
c) Estate survey
d) Road/pipeline mapping
e) GCP survey
f) Verification survey
g) Setting out
h) Many more....

Beside being able to purchase this unit from us directly, you may also opt to rent it for your projects. Rental rate starts from a mere RM 200+ /day (May 2010)for a minimum rental period of a week.

For our Malaysian and Brunei customers: Our sale and technical support team is also available to meet you to brief you more about the system. We will also be more then happy to organize a free demo for your organization. Just contact us or email us mentioning your intended applications and current problem that you are facing.

Friday, 5 February 2010

PSDC Export of Professional Services from Construction Industry

We are featured in Pages 116-119 of the first edition (2010) of Endeavours. This publication highlights 'the world class capabilities of Malaysian professionals and delve into their experiences in breaking into the global market'. This inaugural issue focuses on professionals from the major sectors of PSDC's Registry of Professionals , namely the professional exporters from the construction industry. Endeavours is produced for PSDC by The Writers' Publishing House.