Thursday, 10 June 2010

NextMap Malaysia / IFSAR data set: High resolution terrain data is now available for the entire Malaysia

The NextMap Malaysia coverage for the entire Malaysia in now completed with the successful acquisition of IFSAR data over the state of Sarawak in September 2009. After a few months of data processing and quality checks, the data is now officially available for interested users. At the time of writing of this post, we have already secured a few orders of IFSAR data over this region.

Imaging.. one of the most challenging terrain with constant cloud coverage is now captured with unprecedented resolution and accuracy! (Note: IFSAR Malaysia data set come with 5m posting DSM, DTM and 0.625m resolution radar image (ORI) )
IFSAR data: Copyright Intermap Technologies 2009

Contact us for more information, viewing of real sample data etc.

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