Friday, 15 October 2010

Carlson Software's 2011 office software is now available.

Carlson announced the release of Carlson software's 2011 office software with hundreds of improvements for today's need, speeding and easing design work and increasing accuracy.

Among those exciting improvements are:
a) Carlson Civil and Carlson Survey: ability to Edit Contours and instantly update the underlying 3D model (updates the underlying TIN surface to match the modified contours), a feature that is unique to Carlson.
b) Carlson GIS: New import and export GIS routines for working with SurvCE complete the data loop between field and office. Added support for using Esri Map Standards for CAD to all the GIS data commands, which allows for viewing and editing GIS data in an Esri format. Plus, new ability to create Esri data for sewer networks, lot files, mining timing and surface mine reserves that enables taking this data from Carlson to Esri.

Carlson Software is a leading producer of software for land development professionals in the surveying, civil engineering, construction and mining industries. Jpsurveys is the sales rep for these products in Malaysia. Jpsurveys is also the dealer for Navcom's SF3050 GNSS receiver with integration of controller software SurvCE from Carlson.

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