Friday, 17 December 2010

New and Improved Capabilities for Navcom's SF-3050 GNSS receiver

Navcom has released new capabilities and software update for GNSS receiver SF-3050:-

(1) Introduction of single frequency, multi constellation operation model: SF-3050A. The new model tracks GPS’s L1 & GLONASS’s G1 and is Galileo’s E1 capable. Attractively priced, the unit is upgradeable to SF-3050(multi frequency), hence lowering the entry cost of the customers.

(2) Heading and moving base station RTK for vehicle applications.

(3) Enhance features in Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) and

(4) Other new features and improvements

According to Steve Wilson, Navcom's GNSS Business Manager "These new capabilities offer significant new functionalities and variety of options to meet our customers' ever changing needs"

See full announcement here or contact us for more information. Software upgrade is FOC for all existing users of SF-3050.

1 comment:

  1. We have tested one of these with our OxTS Inertial+ and it is one of the best receivers that we have seen. In RTK mode it was one of the first receivers to give better than 1cm accuracy in our light-barrier test under dynamic conditions. In our urban canyon test in London with our OxTS Inertial+2 the results were exceptional: it has very good multi-path rejection. We had a GPS+GLONASS software license for ours.