Monday, 5 September 2011

Underground Utility Detection (UUD) Survey and Navcom Technical Visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietname

Above: Mr Kwok Wui Kang of JPsurveys (right row, front) making the technical presentation of underground utility detection (UUD) survey at Ho Chi Minh City.

A few key members of JPsurveys recently visited Ho Chi Minh City and had a very informative technical exchange session with Department of Natural Resource and Environment HCMC, Branch of Scientific Institute of Geodesy and Cartography and others members of HCMC Association of Geomatics.

The main technical subject discussed was underground utility detection and mapping work of which JPsurveys has been actively involved in for the past few years. JPsurveys also took the opportunity to introduce the new Navcom Land-Pak GNSS system to the Vietnamese surveyors.

We would like to thank Mr Dao Anh Kiet, Director of Department of Natural Resource & Environment HCMC and Mr. Tran Dinh Au, Head of branch of scientific institute of Geodesy and Cartography for receiving the team and the hospitality given to us during our visit. We are especially grateful to Mr Vu Hoang Anh, president of HCMC Association of Geomatics for arranging this meeting/session for us. All in all, it was a fruitful session, and we were very happy to be to be able to renew our friendship with the land survey and geomatic community of HCMC.

Above: Lunch reception.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Official release of Navcom’s Land-Pak All-in-One RTK Land Survey GPS/GNSS solution

surveyor and land-pak more mantra

On May 31, 2011 Navcom Technology Inc., a leading pioneer in GPS/GNSS technology and wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company (NYSE:DE) officially announced the release of the LAND-PAK, an All-in-One GPS/GNSS solution for land surveyor.

“For years we have assisted our dealers in formulating end user solutions with our products,” said Steve Wilson, NavCom’s GPS Products Business Manager. “By adding that knowledge to our experience, we have created one of the most comprehensive and affordable end user solution for land survey. See full press release statement here.

The ultra modern, all-in-one, ‘more' complete LAND-PAK GNSS system comprises of all the supporting components and accessories (software, hardware and utilities) a land surveyor could ever ask for or even dream of. Beside supporting various high precision positioning applications( with built-in UHF radio link, GSM 3G network RTK etc), it is also bundled with a lifetime of StarFire license which provides 10 cm standalone operation (i.e. without the need of base station) anywhere in the world. The receiver is also capable to switch to the unique RTK-Extend mode which allows for continuous RTK positioning during base station radio outages and therefore boosting RTK work productivity even in the most harsh site condition.

The package also comes with a rugged data collector, controller software, GNSS post-processing and office/desktop CAD software.LAND-PAK, the ‘more’ complete survey system is competitively priced and comes with total 3 year total system warranty.

Download data sheet for LAND-PAK here.

For more information, Email us or call us (for Malaysia, Brunei and ASEAN region) at +60193201963 (Kuala Lumpur) during office hour.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Transformation of Land Surveyors......

As our country is undergoing the Economic Transformation Programme to spur our country into a high-income economy, is our profession ready to ride on the technological advancement to be transformed?  Very often, the surveyors are competing among the fellows in price and discount, it is time now to evaluate our core role as a surveyor before such responsibility being taken over by some other profession.

Some quote from this interesting article "Automation of Surveying Creates Disruption and Opportunities" by Houston Neal of Software Advice:

"Historical roles like boundary resolution and topographic survey work cannot be automated, so surveyors will always be needed for these. But they are also the best people to take on more modern duties, such as managing the GPS machine control system."

"To take advantage of these job opportunities, surveyors need to learn to use this technology and “re-brand” themselves. As mentioned above, they will need to learn how to work with CAD files, how to develop 3D models for machine control and how to transfer data into the machine control systems."

"In addition to getting training, surveyors need to brand themselves as machine control experts. Contractors, land engineers and surveyors are all vying for this title and no one has proved themselves in the role yet."

 To read the whole article, click here