Friday, 11 March 2011

Transformation of Land Surveyors......

As our country is undergoing the Economic Transformation Programme to spur our country into a high-income economy, is our profession ready to ride on the technological advancement to be transformed?  Very often, the surveyors are competing among the fellows in price and discount, it is time now to evaluate our core role as a surveyor before such responsibility being taken over by some other profession.

Some quote from this interesting article "Automation of Surveying Creates Disruption and Opportunities" by Houston Neal of Software Advice:

"Historical roles like boundary resolution and topographic survey work cannot be automated, so surveyors will always be needed for these. But they are also the best people to take on more modern duties, such as managing the GPS machine control system."

"To take advantage of these job opportunities, surveyors need to learn to use this technology and “re-brand” themselves. As mentioned above, they will need to learn how to work with CAD files, how to develop 3D models for machine control and how to transfer data into the machine control systems."

"In addition to getting training, surveyors need to brand themselves as machine control experts. Contractors, land engineers and surveyors are all vying for this title and no one has proved themselves in the role yet."

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