Monday, 26 May 2014

2014 DigitalGlobe APAC Partners Summit

Being a committed reseller of DigitalGlobe, JPSurveys has been actively participating in this annual event.  During the gathering of the regional resellers and partners, we involved in evaluating the past year performance, introducing new products and services, as well as exchanging ideas and leads.  It was a really fruitful meeting!

We Are The DigitalGlobe Certified Reseller!

After going through the certification process, we are now officially the DigitalGlobe Certified Reseller!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Our Commitment to our Customers....

Since 1999 when JPSurveys starts to get involved in satellite image reselling business, we strive to be a serious player in the market.  We received string of awards by various image suppliers, some of which are shown in the following photo.  Despite the competitive market, the Imaging Department in JPSurveys continues to bring in new services and products to meet the ever-changing demand of the customers.