Monday, 12 November 2018

How multi-drone survey benefits our clients

Preparation of two drones to be flown simultaneously

Ground Control Point Survey prior to drone survey at the quarry site

The multi-drone operation, i.e. flying of multiple drones simultaneously at a project site is usually done to expedite data acquisition time at the site. A good-to-have capability especially for coverage of vast areas.

However, multi-drone capability becomes essential and critical for certain projects (irrespective of the size) if the time window for data capture is very short and specific.  

Recently we were privileged to have served two of our esteemed clients in these unique projects/ circumstances:-

Project 1: drone survey was required over a quarry site at a specific date where a new contractor is expected to take over from an out-going contractor. The site conditions needed to be 'frozen' and photographed not only for record/reference purpose but more importantly to determine the volume of stockpiles and material for an agreeable compensation and to avoid any future claim/dispute, etc. Furthermore, the client has requested minimum disruption to the costly site operation which was temporarily halted during the drone operation.

Project 2: drone survey was required to capture water level at high tide along the coastal area for the purpose of creating flood map of the project site.

Typical tidal prediction table used to determine the best time for drone survey

multi-drone operation near the river mouth

Thanks to our team's capability to fly multiple drones simultaneously (with mid-air collision avoidance capability), we were able to successfully complete both critical missions smoothly; thus not only fulfilling the customers' need but exceeding their expectation.

JPSurveys provides competitively priced drone survey services for sites ranging from several hectares to hundreds of hectares. Kindly contact us for any survey requirement.

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